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Pre-game formal attire in the football world has become a lucrative game. Like cars or watches or video games or instant noodles, executives have noticed the commercial opportunity and set about cutting deals with luxury brands.

When choosing an official tailoring partner, there are a number of things to consider. Do they share the same values? And how in step is their aesthetic with the overall club image? Trust Juventus, Italy's trophy-laden Old Lady, to team up with Loro Piana, Italy's fabric doyens known for its materials that are softer than smoke. Those who haven't tried on a $42,000 coat made of Peruvian vicuña — a fur worth more than gold and once so rare it was against the law for anyone but royalty to wear it — have not had the full fashion experience.

The Loro Piana design team has prepared two outfits: One for the blistering Turin summer, and another suited to fall and winter. When Serie A gets back underway this weekend, Cristiano Ronaldo, Federico Chiesa, Giorgio Chiellini, and co. will exit the team bus wearing a long-sleeved kummel polo shirt and classic fit cotton trousers. When the mercury drops come October, they'll instead wear the label's iconic André shirt underneath a cardigan and Sweater Jacket.

The boss, meanwhile, will look just as crisp. Returning coach Massimiliano Allegri has been prepared a bespoke Pier Luigi suit crafted from Tasmania wool cloth.

Juventus Home 1978

The holy grail of football shirts. This wonder should be a part of every jersey aficionado's collection. This shirt, Kappa's first foray into kit design, is a simple delight. Debuted during the season when sports brands could finally feature their logos on shirts in Seria A, the jersey showcases Kappa's history in knitwear innovation. Although fully knitted, its lightweight construction was miles ahead of its competitors in terms of performance. Although certainly a piece for locking up behind glass, it would complete even the most tailored of fits and definitely (maybe) had an influence on this Palace knitted number.

Jamaica Home 1998

The World Cup in France 1998 had some banging kits. But this one (and the team that graced it) stole the limelight with its bravado, fun, and confidence. This was Jamaica's first-ever world cup appearance and despite not having a great one on the pitch, the self-proclaimed 'Reggae Boys' fans made this a tournament to remember. Kappa did Jamaica proud here. You can just picture yourself by the pool in a pair of swim shorts and some wallabies with this one.

Leeds Home 2017

The return of the repeat Omni logo. You love to see it. For a team that hasn't won anything in decades, the gold is at first glance an odd choice, but again Kappa seems to be having an ongoing theme of regality and class here that you just can't hate. I love the idea of some massive Yorkshire lads trying to avoid spilling the fillings of their pies over this one. It's so clean.

Napoli Third 2021

Napoli and Kappa are just made for each other, they go together like Aperol and spritz. Elevating the partnership further by adding a generous slice of orange to the mix came Marcelo Burlon. Kappa's first collaboration with a fashion designer on any kit made waves this season as the designer added his signature wings motif to the black jersey. We are excited to see where Kappa goes with next season's jerseys, but however they turn out one thing is for sure, without Kappa football will not be the same.

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