About Kixionary

Kixionary is an umbrella that houses Art, (music) MyRapbook Podcast, Sneaker culture and of course Street wear. A modest company established in 2006 derived from a sneaker collection housed in a Blackberry cellphone which transformed into street wear reflecting the sneaker and music culture.

Founded by Leslie (Kixionary) Johnson in 2006, the Miami Gardens-based company incorporates the Unique art and attitude that personally reflects how Kixionary views the art and streetwear culture. The idea is to give the people something new or nostalgic with a kixionary twist. The Kixionary clothing brand encompasses T-shirts, Shorts, Stickers, Headwear, Canvas/Poster art and various other limited-edition Accessories. Much of the brands narrative is geared towards a “Hello Kitty” vibe. What Kixionary refers to as the “Hello Kitty” vibe is the idea to brand as many things as possible around the world. Currently, Kixionary ships worldwide, with collaborations with various other start up brands but seeking our first major collaboration. One design at a time.